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Young adults face new burden throughout the COVID-19 pandemic: isolation

A lonely quad sits as the campus' closure forces all students and faculty to leave.

Em Thompson


Within the last few months, unemployment has reached a new high leaving too many individuals without any way to support themselves. One group that was hit hard are the older Generation Z kids and younger millennials who were just beginning to establish themselves. 

One college student, Leslie Amezquita, discussed her grief saying, “it was just so sudden. I was going from pulling eight-to-ten hour shifts and then nothing. No more work, and now I have to worry about money.”

Faced with a newfound need for support, many college aged and young adults have been ripped away from their jobs.

“They couldn’t keep their thoughts straight,” grocery store cashier Dani Montgomery claimed about the response from employers. “First they told us it was nothing to worry about. Then after like an entire month of working, they finally put up [the] plexiglass. They start demanding more intense cleaning measures. Where was that a month ago when it hit us? Why did they make us work more hours with less safe conditions? And to not give us hazard pay?” Dani expressed.

Many people were not receiving any compensation for their work during this brimming pandemic.

While some people were focusing on income, many individuals were now finding themselves uprooted from their living situation. Residence halls closed and students had to start packing up and heading home while offices closed in at Cedar Crest. College students like Asia Charles who usually stay on campus were tasked with trying to find a way to get home or support themselves in a place where many resources are limited. Charles was had to make all meals and sustain herself without help.

With all these changes, students had to adjust to the coming rules that are based in the ever-changing situation. The looming threat that someone will get sick and become infected has put some on edge. Strained wallets and strained minds are constantly engaged, and it has left some relationships rocky, ranging from familial to romantic.

Dani Montgomery talked about her relationship with her long distance boyfriend, claiming, “an extra weight was put on her shoulders,” and that the physical and social distancing from everyone has affected her feelings about the future. “It’s just that much harder to have date night, or to just hug him. I want to hug him.”

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