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Vendor Fair comes to campus

Natasha Hague

Managing Editor

On October 27, Cedar Crest College held its annual Craft and Vendor Fair in partnership with Trunk or Treat. The craft fair took place in the Lees Hall gymnasium. There were 58 vendors at the Craft Fair, each one with their own hand-crafted items for sale.


One of the vendors at the craft fair was Cedar Crest Alumna, Shannon L. McElory. Her table was filled with framed paintings and bookmarks. McElroy creates all of her work by hand, and her medium is watercolor and ink. She framed her work and laminated her bookmarks.

“I feel like I have always been a crafty and artsy person,” McElory said. She has been selling her work for about one year now but has been crafting for fun for a while. McElory used to paint and sew during her free time and turned it into something she could sell.


“I do it for me,” McElroy added, “It is my zen time.”


Her art holds more than something to sell, she sat at her table painting a new canvas while greeting the people that approached her. McElory sells her art for around $6 to $10. Her art can be found on her Instagram page artbyshananigans. 

Another alumna had a table set up at the craft fair. Katie Reichenbach and her husband Erik make wood and textile décor for the home. Their work is handmade and was described by Erik as having a “primitive and rustic style.” Erik Reichenbach was heading the table at the craft fair. He explained the process of burning wood by hand.


“No L will be the same as the last,” Reichenbach said. “That is what makes it so special.” Their products range from hanging décor, to cutting boards and coasters.


“I get her the wood and she burns it by hand,” Reichenbach added. Most of their products are repurposed wood and made through the process of wood burning. This is his second time running the table at the Craft Fair. 

“When we first arrived, our table was in the corner,” Reichenbach said. The volunteers at the craft fair were willing to help and moved things around to make sure the vendors were all comfortable.

“I like to say, ‘nobody puts Katie in a corner,’” added Reichenbach with a smile on his face, “everyone is always very helpful here.”


The two are based in Bangor, Pennsylvania. Their work can be found on their Etsy shop RLHomesteadCrafts.

The Craft fair attracts people of all ages and works, and two of these people are Deb Robinson and her 12-year-old goddaughter. Robinson makes handmade necklaces and bracelets. Her goddaughter got interested in creating handmade jewelry and now the two work together to make products for their small business Trending&Co. 

“My goddaughter actually taught me how to knit,” Robinson said while showing some of her blankets at their table. This was their first craft fair and their products can be found on their website www.trendingandco.storenvy.com.

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