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Travel restrictions help keep us safe

Kharla Sanchez Cuesta


As the holidays approach, so do travel plans for many, but because of COVID-19 things have changed, and many restrictions have been implemented regarding traveling.

The COVID-19 pandemic is something that has affected everyone in one way or another. Many things have changed for the health and safety of everyone. As a consequence, traveling has been restricted for many and unless it’s necessary, that trip to spend Christmas with grandma might not happen.

“Every year we spend Thanksgiving at a different relative’s place,” Maribel Martinez, Walmart employee, said. “Unfortunately, because of COVID-19 we have all decided to simply stay home, but hey on the brighter side though, we will be having a big family Zoom call so that should be interesting.”

Martinez is one of the many people who have had to change travel plans for the safety of her and her family. Although the holidays won’t be the same as other years, she is well aware that with everything going on it is probably best.

Traveling is an important aspect of many peoples’ lives whether it be for work purposes or simply for leisure. For everyone’s safety and well-being, many companies have now endorsed working from home. This serves the purpose of still being able to work even if you live considerably far from your job.

“I work out of New York although I live in Pennsylvania,” Martin Askerneese, superior office solutions sales representative for an authorized Cannon dealership, says. “I would travel almost daily up there, but because of the pandemic I have now been working from home. Last time I went up there was in February and we’re now in October.”

In the states of New York and Connecticut travel has been discouraged from the state of New Jersey unless it is essential. It is being asked that anyone that travels to this state quarantine for a minimum of 10 day. There are many new restrictions placed from state to state but this is just an example of one.

In its time things will go back to what they were and hopefully, that will be sooner than later but for now, we must all be patient and understanding. The restrictions placed are for the safety of everyone even though they might be of annoyance to some.

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