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Thoughtful gift-giving isn’t all that hard

Kharla Sanchez Cuesta


As December and the holidays slowly approach, everyone starts to think about what kind of gifts they should be getting for others. Sometimes it’s very simple. For example, when it’s for a coworker or a professor one might get them something like a mug or a candle, but it isn’t always that simple.

When it comes to the special people in our lives, most of us want to find the perfect gift, and many times we have nowhere to start.

“Every year for Christmas it gets harder and harder to get my mom a gift,” Isabella Nuñez, Amazon sales representative, says. “It seems like I’ve already gotten her everything she doesn’t have.”

When gift-giving, for the most part, the person whom we are getting something for is known, with a few exceptions of things such as Secret Santa in larger settings. By knowing the person, you have an advantage, the knowledge of their likes and dislikes. With that, a list of things could come to mind, but what’s important to remember is that a meaningful gift is generally something that holds some special meaning or a strong liking.

Often times getting a good gift for someone might require some time and effort. Expectations are also a factor that can get very high, but many times the simple things are overlooked. Being mindful and having a bit of fun is often all that is needed to get someone something they will appreciate.

“My grandmother loves sweaters and fuzzy blankets, so last year I got her a fuzzy sweater and she absolutely loved it,” Emely Cruz, current Cedar Crest College Student, said. “After she opened her gift, she threw on that sweater and didn’t take it off.”

Good gifting doesn’t have to be expensive either. Sometimes we think that for someone to like something it has to be something pricey and that isn’t always the case. A good gift is just something that comes from the heart with good intent.

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