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This week in Holidays with statistics

Grace Hurd

Contributing Writer

November 24

Holiday: National Sardines Day

Statistic: In 2018, 522,000 tons of sardines were produced in Japan.

November 25

Holiday: National Play Day with Dad

Statistic: 18 percent of preschoolers are cared for by the father during the mother’s work hours

November 26

Holiday: National Cake Day

Statistic: Cakes make up 23 percent of what is sold at bakeries. Cakes are only beaten out by bread, which makes up 31 percent of what is sold in bakeries.

November 27

Holiday: National Jukebox Day

Statistic: In 2014, the musician that was most played in jukeboxes was Lucas Bryan. 

November 28

Holiday: Thanksgiving

Statistic: In 2018, 54.3 million people traveled 50 plus miles to Thanksgiving Dinner. 

November 29

Holiday: National Day of Listening

Statistic: 70-80 percent of our waking hours communicating. Of that time, 45% of it is listening to someone or something. 

November 30

Holiday: National Computer Security Day

Statistic: 43 percent of cyber-attacks target small businesses.

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