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There are ways to study while social distancing, whether at home or on campus

The Cressman Library provides many resources-from tutoring to quiet study areas, in order to help students have a successful semester during this pandemic.

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Kelsey Stevens


Studying can still be successful and safe for the students at Cedar Crest College with the various resources available while following COVID-19 related guidelines.

Many campuses, like Cedar Crest College, have opted to conduct classes either online, in-person or hybrid. Whether the student is at home or on campus, this pandemic should not stop them from prevailing this semester. Cedar Crest offers various opportunities for residents and commuters to help better their semester while remaining at a safe distance.

“If you are participating in online classes, I would also recommend a different place for a different class,” Calley Stevens-Taylor, the Dean of Student Success at Cedar Crest College, offered advice for those individuals completing classes online or synchronously. “Get some variety because that’s going to feel like you’re going classroom to classroom.”

On campus, there are various rooms, such as the collaboration rooms in the library and the perch commuter lounge in Tompkins College Center, which are both open 24 hours, that students may use for their convenience. There are various rooms, such as Curtis 206, Alumnae Hall 212, and Hartzel Hall 225, students may utilize in order to achieve with some variety during the day. It is important to have consistency and a set schedule while having online classes to maintain focus and succeed this semester.

Tutoring services are also available for the students in the success center of the library as well as online via Microsoft Teams. Those seeking professional assistance in math and chemistry courses, may schedule appointments with Kelcie Molchany through the WC Online portal. This format of help is available only through online for this semester.

“Online tutoring also allows more flexibility, since multiple students could join an online workshop from any location,” Kelcie Molchany, professional tutor for chemistry and mathematics at Cedar Crest College, discussed the process of tutoring from an online platform. “For online tutoring, screensharing or a live whiteboard is extremely helpful. The live whiteboard makes tutoring very similar to an in-person session and with Microsoft Teams, it can even be interactive.”

Peer tutoring is another great opportunity for students to study. This type of tutoring is available in the Cressman Library and is set up for success while continuing with social distancing. You can attend in person or online, but for either choice, you must schedule online. Students who prefer in-person tutoring can still receive those sessions, however they must be wearing a mask. The tables in the library for peer tutoring are set up to maintain social distancing guidelines.

Whether you are at home or a resident on campus, there are multiple resources for you to succeed this semester.

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