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Students connect at leadership conference

Grace Hurd

Contributing Writer

On Thursday, October 31, to Sunday, November 3, Leadership Consultants Jennifer Dobrowski, Grace Hurd, and Kendal Nichols, as well as Coordinator of Student Activities Tatiana Baker, and Cedar Crest Student Government treasurer Amelia Porter-Bacon went to Orlando, Florida. The five went to a national leadership conference called Lead365. Lead365’s goal is for the people attending it to “…experience a transformation of attitude, purpose, and perspective.”

On the evening of the 31, many of the speakers, also known as the faculty, participated in a welcome ceremony. Faculty included experts who have appeared on Dr. Phil, CEOs of multi-millionaire companies, and a person who has spoken at Cedar Crest College during Freshman Orientation for the classes of 2020,2021, and 2022: Michael Miller. Arthur Aznine Jr., a student from NHTI-Concord who also attended the conference, said that his favorite speaker was “...James Robilotta. His energy was fantastic, and he helped me understand how to be a better public speaker, through understanding that I can be amazing when I stop focusing on my weaknesses.”

On Friday and Saturday, there were block sessions where everyone would attend one session out of five to eight possible sessions depending on the block. 

Jen Dobrowski mentions, “My favorite part of the conference was making new friends.” Some of the sessions that the faculty talked about ranged from improving public speaking to managing money better to how to prevent procrastination. 

At the end of Saturday, Yannik Mckie, the keynote speaker for this year’s conference, ended the conference. His message was that everyone has a story, and the things that one tries to cover up are usually the things that give you your greatest strength; share your story, and impact the word.  After the conference concluded, people connected on the conference app in order to stay in contact.

After the conference, the five went to Universal Studios to decompress and have fun. On Sunday morning, they flew back to Cedar Crest. With the information that they have learned, they plan to start a peer-to-peer leadership program in order to benefit student leaders. Over the spring semester, everyone will use the skills that they learn in order to improve the campus community.

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