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Student Athlete opportunities continue to grow with new team

Amanda Connell


“Track and field I think is one of the coolest sports,” Alec Duncan, the head coach of cross country and track and field, said, “in that there are no real barriers to entry; you just need a pair of shoes, which most people have.” 

Four years ago, coach Duncan was brought on to be the head coach of cross country. He was the one who planted the initial seed of creating a track and field team. He started small, focusing on his athletes, and worked his way up from there.

Coach Duncan credits the success that the cross country team had in the 2017 season with having the individual cross country champion and bringing on more athletes to the program as the driving force behind creating the track and field team. He focused on the cross country runners and stressed the importance of a full year-round training cycle, which led to the individual runners racing in track meets. These individuals paved a path for the team to be created. 

Four years later, the fledging track team was fully created, breaking boundaries as the first track team for the college. It will offer a unique experience for the school. 

 “The sport is super objective,” coach Duncan said. “You know you’re either fast or you're not. You either throw far or you don’t.”

The team had spaces to fill and the athletes stepped up to the plate.

“I know we have some fall sport athletes especially,” coach Duncan said, “who competed in track and field at the high school level and miss that experience. We’re getting a lot of help from the fall sports. So we have athletes from soccer, field hockey, and cross country. It’s definitely exciting.”

With the team being so new coach Duncan does not have any specifically outlined goals.

He really hopes to have his team enjoy themselves. 

“Track and field is strange in the sense that there is no wins-loss record,” coach Duncan said. “We don’t compete in dual meets at the college level. It’s all invitationals. We’re really just racing against the clock, trying to compete against ourselves most of the time. I want to focus on making sure that everyone on the team is really enjoying themselves and feel like they are getting in the best experience as a student athlete.” 

Besides enjoying the competitive nature of athleticism, coach Duncan hopes that the team will enjoy themselves. 

“Hopefully we can see some cool and interesting things along the way,” coach Duncan said, “Our first meet is down in Virginia. That should be a fun trip. We will take a charter bus down for that. Hopefully we can enjoy some warm weather for the first meet of the season, but that’s questionable.” 

The Falcons’ season will be held from March 21, 2020 to about May 3, 2020 so remember to cheer on the Falcons’ track and field team as they run. If you are interested in supporting the Falcons in flying on the court and the field, you can watch the meet at Muhlenberg College on Saturday April 4.

Another chance to support the team is by participating in the Falcon 3K Road Race on April 5, 2020 at 10 a.m. The course

wraps around the campus and is generally flat with one gradual incline, and is 3 kilometers long, which is about 1.28 miles long. The race is open to all levels of runners and it will support the Falcons’ track and field team.

This is a great opportunity for all the athletes on campus,” coach Duncan said, “including anyone who participated in track and field at the high school level who wants to get back into it. Our doors are still open for people if they want to walk onto the team.” 

For more information contact coach Duncan at ABDuncan@cedarcrest.edu, at his phone number 610-437- 4471 ext. 3362 or in his office Lees Hall 111. 

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