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Staying fit while following COVID-19 restrictions

Cedar Crest offers a variety of fitness classes almost daily that are accessible online and can accommodate to different interests. 

Credit: Instagram page falconcampusrec

Kelsey Stevens


Fitness classes meet in the virtual world at Cedar Crest this semester for students due to restrictions from COVID-19.

Students who would like to continue working out or need an outlet for stress, can still attend various fitness classes that the school offers in the comfort of their homes or dorms. Virtual classes are available almost every day and range from ab workouts to lower body workouts.

Need a quick core workout? Register for Falcon Fit or Core & more. Looking for a high intensity class for 30 minutes? Check out the cardio kickboxing or Tabata. Check your emails or their Instagram page (@falconscampusrec) for weekly campus recreation events, to find a class that may interest you. You can register for these virtual classes on IMLeagues registration software beginning 24 hours prior to that class, and the opportunity closes two hours before each session. Not only are the classes simple to sign up for, they have a short duration, but maximum results.

“All of our virtual fitness classes are either 30-minutes or one hour in length and a completely guided workout,” Kellina Yarrish, Assistant Director of Student Activities and Campus Recreation at Cedar Crest College, commented. “All workouts require no equipment, so participants can easily workout at home or dormitory spaces.”

Exercise is beneficial for everyone, especially students, who are constantly under stress from classes. With the exercises available online, participants can join and enjoy a break from their studies, while getting a quick workout in.

“Higher physical activity and physical fitness levels are associated with improved cognitive performance (e.g., concentration, memory) among students,” according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC.) Regular levels of physical activity (which is about 30-60 minutes of moderate intensity exercises daily) can reduce the risks of depression and overall mental health, improve physical health by lowering the potential of disease, and boosts concentration.

Yarrish added, “Exercise is extremely important during this time as it can reduce, boost your immune system and improve sleep. Our virtual fitness classes are a way to safely engage in physical activity.”

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