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Sophomore pre-nursing students set to take TEAS exam

Photo courtesy of Cedar Crest College School ofNursing Facebook Page. Incoming nursing students pose for a photo after completing bootcamp in January 2020.

Delaney Robbins 


Sophomore pre-nursing students are preparing to take the TEAS exam this semester before they can be admitted into the nursing program in the fall. The TEAS exam stands for Test of Essential Academic Skills and students at Cedar Crest College must get at least a 60% in order to pass. “The test makes sure that students enter into nursing school with the appropriate skill set to be academically successful,” Wendy Robb, Dean of Nursing at Cedar Crest College, said. The TEAS exam is only one component of the admission criteria for pre-nursing students. “The other components are nursing prerequisite GPA, overall GPA, and the scores of science courses,” Robb said. Some students, even the ones who will meet the other criteria, feel a little uneasy about the exam. “I am excited but nervous,” Kayleigh Dolan, a pre-nursing student, said. “I feel like we’ve learned a lot of material over the past two years and we have to go over everything again.” Luckily for students, the test is general knowledge based. “It doesn’t test anything on nursing, but it tests reading comprehension and basic math,” Robb said. Some pre-nursing students like Madyson Lagano are anxious about taking a standardized entrance exam. “I's always nerve-wracking taking a standardized test,” Lagano commented. “I never know what to expect because I never know what they are going to test me on.” Despite the worries resulting from the TEAS exam, there are ways to prepare. “There are preparatory study guides,” Robb said. “It is similar to an SAT exam. You can get an SAT book and do several exam questions and do better than if you went in taking it cold.” If anything, students should remember basic test taking techniques. Get a good sleep the night before, eat breakfast, and have a positive mindset the morning of the exam. If students are concerned about their success on the exam, Cedar Crest College does allow students to have one retake. “There are a fair number of students who have to take it a second time,” Robb added. “It's not a majority, but a small percentage need to retake it.” Once students pass the exam, they have a lot to look forward to before starting the program in the fall. “There is an orientation that happens in the spring semester of sophomore year,” Robb said. “You come here and that’s where they explain to you where you buy your uniform, what kinds of shoes are acceptable, what you need in terms of equipment, and talk to you a little bit about what to expect.” After orientation, nursing students have the entire summer before boot camp begins. “We implemented boot camp two years ago at the beginning of every class,” Robb added. “We were spending so much time the first two weeks of class on how to read a schedule, what does it mean to have clinical, where are the resources in the building,” so boot camp teaches students all of this vital information. Following boot camp, the junior nursing students will be ready to start the program. According to Robb, “When you start at the beginning of the semester, all cylinders are firing, and we are diving right into the content.”

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