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Sophomore expedition moved to August 2021

The postcard for the 2021 sophomore expedition to Costa Rica 

Photo courtesy of Dr. Kelly Hall

Saige Sterner


The sophomore expedition that normally takes place during spring break has been rescheduled to August 2021 due to COVID-19. 

“The decision was made by our college’s cabinet,” Dr. Kelly Hall, Director of Global Initiatives, states. “The main reason the decision was made to move the trip to August would be the health and safety of our students, faculty, staff, and the host population of the country we are visiting.”

Most students feel that the rescheduling of the trip was the best decision the college could have made. 

“I feel that moving the trip was the best thing for the situation at hand,” Alexis Norton, sophomore nursing major, states. “It may give students time to adjust to the way things are now with COVID. This may also help with the turnout of the trip. With it being pushed back more people might be interested to attend knowing that COVID is somewhat under control.”

Although the trip date has been moved to August 2021 the same amount of interest is expressed among students who said they initially wanted to go. 

“It has not changed,” Hall said regarding the possible change of attendees. “We have sent out intent forms freshman year and have sent out new ones this semester and we have the same amount of interest.”

A few students who initially wanted to go express that they will still be attending the trip no matter how far in the future it may be. 

“Overall, I would say that my interest has not changed,” Christina Alberici, sophomore biochemistry major, said. “I would say that my level of concern in terms of safety against COVID has increased. Perhaps by summer 2021 the sophomore class will not have to face this concern.”

Many students have been curious about the effect the pandemic has had on the events they may be participating in. 

“At this point, the intention is to still do the things we have planned before,” Hall said. “August is the rainy season, and it may be that travel to a couple of locations may be changed if the roads are not passable.”

Some students are worried that the class of 2023 will not get the experience they were intending during the sophomore expedition. 

“The class of 2023 is missing out on some key experiences,” Alberici said. “Given that COVID has impacted many individuals throughout the world, who is to say that we will be restricted when visiting Costa Rica. For example, if students were promised that we would experience a specific activity, the activity could potentially be limited due to social distancing.

In that case, some students may not get to enjoy a fully ‘promised’ experience.”

Sophomores should take a deep breath and rest assured because the class of 2023 will be traveling at some point even if the trip needs to be deferred even further into the future. 

“President Meade remains committed to having the sophomore expedition go to Costa Rica even if it has to be deferred,” Hall states. “We have been looking at other possible dates for a further deferment, but we are committed to going.”

Sophomore students are still expected to take the CCC 204 Sophomore expedition seminar this coming Spring semester. There will be ten different courses that students can pick from to fulfill this requirement. 

For any further questions please contact Dr. Kelly Hall by email at kelly.hall@cedarcrest.edu

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