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Sophmores preparing for London Trip

Kaylee Hoffman


Thinking about traveling abroad? Here’s a great place to start.

Cedar Crest College is preparing to send off the class of 2022 on their Sophomore Expedition to London, which takes place during spring break, February 29 through March 7. 

This expedition is an academic trip to a country in which the students will learn and get to experience new foods and landmarks first-hand. 

For this reason, Dr. Kelly Hall, the director of the Sophomore Expedition to London, said, “We really encourage students to study abroad and SYE is a great way to start that. There are many choices to travel abroad that accompany all budgets.” 

In order to prepare for the trip, the students had to sign up for a class to take this semester that relates to their field of study. The options those classes included were: Mapping London, Women Scientists, Brexit, Women in Music, Jack the Ripper, History’s Mysteries, London as a Multicultural City, Florence Nightingale and The Sociology of Sport. The classes then relate to the activities that these students will be participating in when they are in London. 

There are three main service learning activities that the students will experience based on what class they have taken for the trip. One of them is Sikh Gurdwara, which will involve a visit to a religious community center where they will help prepare and serve food while learning about Sikhism. Another learning activity is the Canal Trust where the students will help clean up canals and towpaths, plant bulbs, and pick up litter. They will also have the opportunity to go out on boats. The third activity is the Octavia Care Scheme where students will visit a non-profit that provides housing and supports the London residents. The last learning activity is a visit to an elementary school where students will work with the Rap Therapy program to help teach kids about music. 

Not only will the students participate in their dedicated activity, but also get some free time to explore with friends. During this time they will be able to visit parks, museums and shopping attractions. Some landmarks that are of choice include the Covent Garden, Camden Market, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Harrod’s and Oxford Street. 

The overwhelming response from the students participating in the trip is excitement and anxiousness. For some, this will be the first time traveling abroad. That brings up the importance of preparation and packing. Students are recommended to bring only the necessities since they are allowed a carry-on and one luggage bag. 

Sophomore student Becky Francis stated, “I’ll probably take all my toiletries like face wash, body wash, and hair stuff, as well as my adapter for my charger.” 

Students who have previously gone on the trip have offered their advice from their own experience to help the new-goers this year. 

Amanda Connell, who attended the Inaugural Sophomore Expedition to Rio de Janeiro, said, “I would recommend the current sophomores attending the trip to open up their hearts and minds to an entirely new world and group of people.” 

Sieanna Rahatt, who attended last year’s Sophomore Expedition to Athens, said, “Take every opportunity that you have to be free and explore where you are, so try that weird-looking food and join in on the dances that might make you trip over your feet.” 

With that advice being given, it is up to the sophomores to make the most of their trip to London. 

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