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Rise of the YouTube stars

Caila Grigoletti

A & E Editor

YouTube has become a major corporation that supplies billions of viewers with any content under the sun. From cute puppy videos to epic fails on skateboards, this video streaming service has become a major platform for rising stars. In fact, there are many YouTubers who have made a profit with their channels, and here are three famous names you may or may not have heard.

The Try Guys started as an attached video series to the BuzzFeed channel, created in 2014. Each video focuses on four, hilarious men who basically “try” strange and mundane activities for the enjoyment of their viewers. The cast includes Keith Habersburger, Eugene Lee Yang, Zach Kornfeld, and Ned Fulmer. As their popularity grew, the quartet began to dabble in the idea of breaking away from BuzzFeed and making their own channel. On June 16, 2018 they announced they had done just that and created their own production company to make their videos. 

Now they have a small team of editors, producers, and cinematographers to create their content. After being nominated and hosting the 8th annual Streamy Awards, a ceremony to commemorate all the best internet videos from directing and producing to acting, they won the 2018 Show of the Year Award which is a big boon to their brand-new business. The Try Guys now have a podcast, The TryPod, and are still blowing up the internet with all the whacky things they do. This group of friends really has won 6.48 million subscribers, and on this streaming service, that means money.

Now Superwoman, or Lilly Singh, used YouTube to increase her notoriety. She has published a book and is starting her own TV Show, “A Little Late with Lilly Singh”. Her vlogs and video content are done mostly solo with dozens of collaborations to spice up her collection. Being a woman of color, she is an incredible inspiration for not just people of color but also women. After publishing her book, “How to be a Bawse: A Guide to Conquering Life”, Singh continues to prove how awesome and independent she is. 

Her videos are usually centered around comedic topics and her rambling for about 10 minutes on camera about the subject of the video. For instance, “Types of Annoying Couples”, is advertised accurately as she describes the many versions of couples you may or may not have encountered. Something to take note of, if you find yourself on a chain of Superwoman videos for two hours and you’re still laughing, it only means good things. 

YouTube has become a platform for people to expand their personas on the internet and advertise their businesses. One of the most prolific and profitable stars on this site in today’s world is none other than Jeffree Star, a makeup mogul who has risen to millionaire status for his quality products and interesting life story. Originating from MySpace, Star began a music career in the 1990’s and early 2000’s. When his performance career did not pan out, he began to invest in other companies as well as his own cosmetics line which is now a booming success. With 16.4 million subscribers on YouTube alone, his content reflects a vibrant and honest personality.

Although the videos appear more, for lack of a better word, organic and medium quality it does not take anything away from the experience. His content revolves around makeup reviews and tutorials for those who want to perfect contouring techniques to bold eyeshadow colors. Expect drama and humor when viewing these videos, especially when his boyfriend Nathan or his friend Shane Dawson comes along for a collaboration. 

YouTube is one of the most valuable sites on the internet for visual learners or people interested in all manner of topics. If you think about it, someone out there probably made a video about it. Nowadays though, content creators can make money off YouTube with sponsorships. Notoriety is everything in today’s social media world and these three YouTube personalities are thriving with their content.

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