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Reactions to the Change of Falcon’s Nest Structure 2020

Photo of the app during use

Photo by Mello Thomas

Mello Thomas


This year the Falcon’s Nest underwent a fundamental structure change to how orders were received as well as how they are picked up.

The Falcon’s nest ran in previous years on an order in person and pick up in person structure. This has been replaced in the 2020 school year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Falcon’s Nest now functions on an order on the app and pick up from a rack in the Nest structure.

The app is known as Mobile Order, and after its launch at the beginning of Fall semester has been the subject of discussion among students. This is especially true on the Cedar Crest app, where students are encouraged to speak their minds about the goings on at the school.

“I think a meal should be fully covered by the meal swipe, we shouldn't have to use two meal swipes or falcon funds to cover a meal,” stated Kaylyn Brindisi, an environmental conservation major.

In both the Falcon’s Nest and at Starbucks there is a cash equivalency of 7.50, this means when you construct a meal on the app your total has to be less than that amount to be covered by a swipe. Controversy has arisen as meals can easily top that unless students go through and cut portions of the meal to accommodate that.

This structure change has not only been internal. While there have been some successes, some students have noted how the new structure has affected and been affected by other safety measures in the building.

“The only thing that I have an issue with is that they close the Starbucks hallway, so it’s a lot harder to social distance... especially if Samuel’s is being used,” Grace Hurd, a senior Mathematics major said.

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