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Pros and cons of different shopping methods

A shopping cart full of the essentials, toilet paper.

Alexis Sames


Shopping during 2020 demands more flexible options than in the past. An ongoing debate between avid shoppers is

whether shopping in stores or shopping online is easier.

Online shoppers argue purchasing through a screen is more convenient and less stressful than in-person shopping.

“Online shopping can be done from the comfort of my own home anytime,” Sarah Demchak, a sophomore student, said. “I don’t have to leave the house and it’s easier to add and remove things from the online cart.”

Those who favor online shopping maintain shopping online shopping is safer than shopping in-person, especially with COVID-19.

“My thoughts on shopping in person are pretty negative; people should not go out as much as they do because of the ongoing global pandemic,” Demchak said. “Many customers don’t wear masks or follow social distancing guidelines, thus putting me, my coworkers, and other customers at greater risk.”

People who prefer shopping in stores contend this option allows people to physically hold what they are buying and to try clothing on before purchasing.

“I can try on clothes to see what fits, which is important,” Grace Hezel, a freshman student, said. “And sometimes pictures do not show what it actually looks like in person.”

The ongoing pandemic poses threats to shoppers who prefer to purchase in stores. Even still, some shoppers prefer to shop in person.

“It’s hard to budget if you lose focus as well as if something doesn’t fit you, you won’t know until it gets to your house,” Hezel said. “Also, shipping can take a while too in case you want it within a couple of days.”

Unfortunately, smaller stores are struggling, with people opting for delivery of items they need from large chains. If different options are unavailable to people, customers will go to stores that have the online shopping ability.

“People should utilize online shopping if they have the ability,” a small grocery store worker said. “For some stores, such as mine, online options are unavailable for customers, which is definitely not helping our sales.”

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