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Peer tutoring still available online

Minji Kim


As the impact of Covid-19 spread, Cedar Crest College closed the campus and moved all courses online at the behest of the government. But even during this challenging time, assistance is still available.. If you struggle to understand your course and need a friend to help you, consider peer tutoring. Peer tutoring at Cedar Crest College is a program that peer tutors help students with academic coaching, supporting Cedar Crest students to achieve academic success by becoming effective, independent learners. Usually, most peer tutoring takes place in the Student Success Center in Cressman Library, and walk-in peer tutoring is offered for many subjects including BIO, CHE, MAT, PSY, SWK, NUR, ACC, ECO and others. However, due to the coronavirus, for the next few weeks peer tutoring will be operated remotely and limited peer subject tutoring will be provided. Subjects covered will include BIO 118, BIO 123/124, BIO 231 and PSY 210, and if you need assistance with CHE/MAT, you can make an appointment individually. Peer subject tutors will use Microsoft Teams to conduct live sessions with students. Students must request to be added to the Team in order to attend these sessions. To get more information about how to get access to remote tutoring sessions, please check your email from Susan Barnes, the staff of Learning and Disability Resources. One of the peer tutors, sophomore Delaney Robbins, tutors for PSY 210 which is Lifespan Development. “Obviously, in person tutoring is the most ideal, but so far with having one online tutoring session, I think that the setup that we have now is the best for our situation,” Robbins said. “I feel like having online classes without tutoring would have a huge negative effect on the students,” Robbins added. “With online tutoring, myself and the other tutors who are participating can still be there to answer any questions that the students may have and overall, help them to be successful even though we are online.” Peer tutoring is planned to operate remotely from March 18 to April 3. After that, and if the campus opens again, it will return to face-to-face meetings.

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