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Parkhurst Dining adds late night options

Delaney Robbins


This semester, Parkhurst Dining added new options during lunch and late night in Canova Commons to give Cedar Crest students more variety in their dining choices.

New foods added to the Sunday-Thursday late-night menu include chicken fingers, pierogis, veggie dogs and bacon cheeseburgers. According to Nandi Sams, general manager of Parkhurst Dining at Cedar Crest, students were the biggest influencers of these changes as they “asked me between comment cards, emails, or seeing me in person.”

Along with the daily late-night additions, weekly specials were added on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday nights. On Tuesdays Canova serves sandwich melts which vary every week, including but not limited to tuna melts, grilled cheese, or grilled turkey and cheese. Thursday is sampler night which includes onion rings, waffle fries, mushroom poppers and mozzarella sticks, while Sundays add chicken cheesesteaks and cheesesteaks.

The specials are a way to attend to students’ dining needs without having too many options to choose from.

“Some of the things that students were asking for, I can’t put on late night all the time so we give it to students once a week and post it online so students know when they are going to be there,” Sams said.

During lunch, students also have the option of a grill special which varies daily.

"There were complaints that there is no lunch meat in Canova, so that was another reason to give students another option. We wanted to revamp so that was Chef Tony’s idea,” Sams said.

The daily lunch rush to the grill proves that Chef Tony’s idea was a popular one.

“Lines go from the grill side out and from the bravo side out, but Tony keeps up with it,” Sams said.

Sophomore students Michelle Yawger and Sierra Lockhart are finding these new additions to be positive. Although they haven’t tried all the options, Yawger commented that she has “had the veggie dog once; it was as good as a veggie dog gets.” Lockhart has tried the bacon cheeseburger, the chicken fingers, and the pierogis, which she described as “great.”

“Adding the new stuff makes it a little different than the Falcons Nest,” Lockhart added. “Before, I would have something downstairs and then I would eat late night and it would be the same thing because I didn’t have this many options.”

Although Parkhurst’s efforts are an improvement from last semester, students have ideas on how to enhance Canova even more. Lockhart “feels that we have a lot of pasta, which I understand because it's easy and you can feed more people,” but still suggests that Canova should serve it less frequently.

Sophomore student Ciara Jackson is dairy free, so she is hoping to “see more variation of cheeses in the Vegan fridge,” along with a non-diary chicken parmesan dish that was served last semester which she described as “amazing.” Like many other students, Yawger loves ice cream and thinks that “we should have ice cream at late night.”

Although students may never see ice cream added to the late-night menu, Sams already has improvements for Canova lined up for next school year.

“There are a lot more changes coming but I’m still working out the kinks,” Sams said. “I don’t want to try something in the middle of the semester. I’d rather take the time to put little things in the works and then rule out a big thing in the beginning of the semester.”

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