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New camaraderie among the student body

Resident Advisors created a timely-themed Among Us board and door-tags for residents on the third floor of Butz Hall as it exploded in popularity.

Em Thomson


Despite dreading wearing masks every second, guerilla-style animosity on the app, and depressingly overwhelming feelings about classes, there has been one glimmer of hope for this year’s legacy: video games.

The release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons for Nintendo Switch consoles back on March 20, 2020 first made gigantic waves, riding both the wave of anticipation from loyal fans and new players facing newfound free time due to the emerging pandemic. Now around eight months later, it has left a lasting impression on everyone. The calming island-life game seems to have swept many Cedar Crest students away.

Asia Charles, a senior, talked about how, “They’re very interactive in the sense that they are a type of escape from reality.”

This fun distraction amidst the exacerbated pandemic gave a sense of peace and calm with its relaxing music and cute characters. Some students even participated in voting on the school’s app to decide the best villagers within certain guidelines.

Another game that took the campus by storm is Among Us, a quirky and fun online multiplayer social deduction game. What sets Among Us apart from other games is the simultaneous simplicity and complexity of the game.

When asked about the game, Janice Alicea-Cruz, senior, said, “I think [it’s] a pretty cool game, it reminds me a lot of the game Clue.”

Players are tasked with finding an imposter party within the group before the imposter kills the team. A large portion of fun for the game lies within the social aspect of voting on a suspected imposter, all at the same time. Players work together to find the imposter, or specifically not to kill off all crewmates for an imposter win. It is a test to see who can either lie the best or get others to trust them.

Alicea-Cruz claimed that, “The process of elimination and having to vote people out just to verify your theory helps to see which of your friends are better liars, and which ones can’t lie for their life” is one of the best parts.

The easy access to this game also helps further the popularity, as the available mobile app gives anyone with a smartphone the ability to play. The beginner-friendly gameplay, cute characters, and overall charm have helped propel Animal Crossing and Among Us into the hearts of many Cedar Crest students in a time when it was needed most.

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