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Natasha's Nook: Free date ideas for loved ones

Natasha Hague 

Managing Editor 

The pressure to go on the perfect date can be crushing. Whether it be a romantic evening with your significant other or a day at the mall and Starbucks with your best friend, you will need money. It can be frustrating not being able to go out with the people who you care about, but there are plenty of money saving options that will prove to be just as fun as a day at the mall. 

Options with little to no money:

Some of these ideas are going to require a few supplies that you could find in your home. If the supplies need to be picked up, they can be found at most local dollar stores. 


A fun game that can be played with a notecard or ripped up paper and a writing utensil. Grab the papers and secretly write down one person on each piece. It can be anyone you and your partner both know and make sure that they don’t see who you write down. Take turns picking one card from each other’s pile and place it face up on your foreheads without looking at the name on the card. The person with the card on their forehead can then ask yes or no questions to try and figure out who they are. 

“Am I a celebrity?” or “Am I known for my style?” 

This game is fun because you can make up your own rules as you go. I like to give my partner more than one guess if they need it. Sometimes I let them ask much more than 20 questions; it is all up to the players of the game. 


No, not the video game, the thing you used to do as a kid. Grab all the blankets and sheets that the two of you can find and start building. Forts are great for team building. They can be frustrating and bring out some not great elements of a personality. 

“No! I told you to hold it THERE, not there.”

Do this activity with someone you want to get to know on a new level. Make sure that the opening is by a TV, and this at-home activity can dual as the perfect place to watch movies and eat snacks. Extra points if there are twinkle lights readily available. Hang those around the fort for ambient lighting. 


Use a piece of paper, a writing tool and the timer on your phone. Pick one person to go first. They will have three rounds to draw their partner. The first round will last five minutes and they will draw the other person to the best of their abilities. The second round will be one minute to draw the person and then the third round will be for thirty seconds. Then switch roles. The person posing now gets to take their shot at drawing the other person three times. 

Options that need some supplies 


Movie nights are a classic way to spend time with someone on a budget. Gather some snacks, blankets and a couple pillows and stay in with a good movie. Netflix released the second movie in the “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” franchise on February 12. Vulture lists everything coming to Netflix in the upcoming month. February has Nicholas Sparks movies like “The Notebook” and “Dear John”, which can be great for date night. 


This is an activity that requires a bit more supplies than the others. The great thing about being with someone else is that the two can split the cost. Cupcake mix and decorations can be found at Weis or the Dollar store. 


The Allentown Art Museum is about three miles from campus. If necessary, an Uber is about $10 round-trip. The Allentown Art Museum has free admissions on Sundays. If there is a way to get there and art is something the two of you are interested in, then I would recommend taking advantage of the free days. 

Spending time with people you love does not always need to be a big, extravagant event. Simply spending time with people is more than enough. These ideas have helped me in times when I was a little strapped for cash. I hope you give some a try. If you do, take a picture and send them to our email and we will post them on our blog. 

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