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Listen to music during work time

Natasha Hague 

Managing editor 

Throughout my high school years, I was always told to take out my headphones. I was seen as rude and disrespectful for wanting to work in my own headspace. 

Music has many benefits. One being that music can calm a stressed-out mind. Due to the COVID-19 situation I have been social distancing from my college campus. The one thing I have noticed is that I am much calmer and more efficient when I am listening to my music. It brought me back to that time in high school when I wanted nothing more than a calm headspace to do my work. 

“Music can be a tool for some students to help them concentration and focus,” Lisha Barnes, of the site Milady, said. 

Barnes brings up a good point that music can be a good tool for some students, not all. Some teachers never had an issue with music during work time, others had no room for it at all. Nancy Barile is a National Board-Certified Teacher who has written a blog regarding the subject of students listening to music.

“When they listen to music when writing essays, my students usually begin working immediately and almost always hand in a product,” Barile says on her blog. “But the question remains: Would that final product be better if the student was not listening to music?”

Music has a time and place in the work world. Even during internships, I have been encouraged to listen to music while working. I have a very creative career that may attribute to my need and desire to have music playing while I work. I found this contradictory to what I was told when I was in school. 

When I am able to work within my own space, I produce something that is much better than if I was stuck in my silent mind. That is just my experience with music and working, and I understand that not everyone can work that way. I do not agree that because of that idea people who do need music to block out audio stimulus cannot use it at young ages. 

I believe that a student should be allowed to use their work time however they feel is best for them. If that includes headphones in and music then that is up to the parent and student to discuss and find how they work well and what is appropriate. 

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