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Job preparation that isn’t painful

Natasha Hague 

Managing Editor 

Starting a new job search is one of the most stressful things a person can do. It is up there on the same list as moving to a new house and planning a wedding. 

There are a few things that someone can do to make this a less stressful time of year. Starting with the job search, sites like Indeed and LinkedIn have built-in resume options that are more like profiles. Keep the profile professional and use the same words that one would use in a resume or cover letter.

Once the profile is finished it is time to give the resume a makeover. First, a resume should only be one page. Start with fitting everything on one page. This leads right into step two: remove useless words. It is hard to determine what words are not as important as others. A way to get rid of words is to look at the job description. Find keywords that they are using and be sure that the resume features those words. Delete words that are not a part of the job description. This helps eliminate clutter in a resume and can reduce it to one page. 

Every time a resume is sent to a job it should be tailored for that job. Another thing that helps aid the job search process is making a cover letter template. There are a ton of them on the internet, but it shows when someone makes their own. It also makes it easier each time a new cover letter needs to be sent out or adjusted. Creating a personal template adds a sense of personality when the cover letter is written by the person applying for the job. 

Another thing about cover letters and resumes is the unity that the two need to share. If there is a decorative template for the resume be sure to add the same element to the cover letter. It can be as simple as a line with the same color from some element on the resume. The unity between the two will set them apart from the competition as they will be a visual set. 

If you need help to make these changes to your resume and cover letter there are some great resources that can walk you through the process in more detail right on campus. 

Due to the current situation of COVID 19, it may not be an option to make it to career services. They are available via email career@cedarcrest.edu. The Career Planning Center can make virtual appointments with students Monday through Friday. If you prefer a more passive form of learning, there is video content available through Canvas. 

Another virtual option is the LinkedIn Blog.  The official blog features all kinds of helpful tips to aid a job search. It also has blog posts about interviews and what to do after someone gets a job. The user interface is easy to navigate, and their posts are categorized in topics. To reach the blog site the URL is https://blog.linkedin.com/

When working on revamping a resume there are built-in options within Microsoft Word to help the process. If someone needed more guidance the site ResumeHelp can create a resume for them. It goes through every step of the resume building process with writing tips and pre-generated help. The site does require an account to be made in order to get the finished file. The site also has cover letter and resume examples and tips if someone prefers to make their own. 

When someone needs to start the process of finding a new job knowing little tips and tricks can make the whole thing more enjoyable. Finding a dream job does not need to be a nightmare.

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