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Is Disney secretly taking over?

Victoria Little

Opinions Editor

The Walt Disney Company is a staple in nearly every household. The millennial and Gen Z grew up watching their favorite princesses and protagonists bounce around their screens singing their hearts out. Disney has always been viewed as a benevolent company with the best interest of children in its heart. But what if that’s not really the intention?


In March of this year The Walt Disney Company completed the largest merger ever, clocking in at $71.3 billion to acquire the entirety of 21st Century Fox. This means that with the exception of the Fox News Network, Disney owns the thousands of titles that Fox has produced in all its years. This ranges from shows like “How I Met your Mother” to huge movies such as “The Avengers.” The short list alone of the companies that Disney has acquired over the last few years not including 21st Century Fox is borderline ominous. Disney owns ABC, Marvel, Lucasfilm, and 80 percent of ESPN.

The companies’ closing off a significant amount of the movie and show market to those using Netflix and other streaming services. It makes me wonder how much longer other companies will be able to coexist with The Walt Disney Corporation before they are swallowed whole as well. 

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