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How VOICE, the choral ensemble, will be performing this Fall

Members of VOICE pose for a photo before their Spring concert in April 2019

Photo courtesy of Brian Foley 

Saige Sterner 


This Fall Cedar Crest choral ensemble VOICE plans to share its musical talents with the community virtually. 

With the COVID –19 pandemic still thriving Cedar Crest College along with many other schools have been forced to move into a virtual realm with most applicable classes. With that, VOICE the choral ensemble was forced to go online. 

Music director Brian M. Foley was up for the challenge. 

“As the music director for VOICE, I think my biggest challenge is making sure I am doing right by the ensemble members,” Foley said. “Rehearsing virtually is completely different than rehearsing in person. I am trying my best to provide students with the tools and resources they need to be successful and still enjoy the process of learning and performing material as an ensemble, even though we all can’t be together.” 

Ensemble members will be learning the a cappella repertoire together on Zoom. Singing with their microphones muted as the practice track plays in the background. 

“As we finish learning a song, ensemble members will be asked to record a video themselves singing their part a cappella; then, I am going to do my best to teach myself how to edit all of that material together and produce a video that can be shared with the community via email and social media,” Foley said. 

Mixing music can be super challenging especially with 15 different voices, and a few students expressed their biggest worries and challenges they have faced so far.

“I feel that this has the potential to work well, it just makes me a little nervous with the blending of the group,” Madeline Johnson, a sophomore English major and ensemble member, said. “Since we are singing by ourselves the whole time, we could be pronouncing things slightly different and not even know it.”

“Personally, I think that it is really difficult to balance my own voice because I struggle with blending, so I worry about blending with other voices because I have a distinct voice,” Katie Graham, a sophomore New Media major and ensemble member, said. 

The ensemble’s first song was released September 28, 2020. Songs are posted on YouTube and sent in a campus wide email blast. 

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