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How actors are taking the stage during the pandemic

Photo courtesy of Amico Studios ("Into the Woods" - 2020)

Mackenzie Lewis


The theatre department at Cedar Crest College has implemented major changes for the semester in response to the recent coronavirus pandemic.

Despite trepidations that this artform would be unable to take place due to new health precautions, it seems that those involved with theatre will still have a chance to shine. With some modifications to the upcoming shows and rehearsal processes, the department has managed to provide a safe way for theatre affiliates to continue performing and theatre goers to continue enjoying said performances.

With implemented restrictions such as room capacities, social distancing, and face masks, it is hard to imagine how such an interactive art, like theatre, is able to continue existing while also maintaining safety regulations. Rebecca Andruchek, a senior biology major and theatre minor, discussed some of the adjustments actors, stage crew, and production teams alike have had to adapt to.

“It’s a virtual experience: a live streamed edition to comply with social distancing policies,” Andruchek shared. “Rehearsals are held through Zoom, and will have a safe transition to the theater.”

Andruchek is currently involved in Cedar Crest’s upcoming “Butter in a Lordly Dish”, which is one of three radio plays being performed from Agatha Christie’s play series, “Murder in the Studio”. As a member of the cast, she was able to experience this transition firsthand.

“Do I love the changes? No, but I know they’re necessary given the current situation,” she confessed. “It still allows expression and enjoyment, just in a way we aren’t used to. I think the hardest thing is not having in-person conversations or interactions. For the first set of shows this fall, it's not necessary because of it being a radio show, but it has a different energy. Having in-person rehearsals is overall just a bit more enjoyable, because it feels a little more genuine.”

Despite these challenging adjustments, Andruchek, as well as her fellow cast and crew mates, seem to have a positive outlook on the whole situation. Thanks to the department and the company’s combined efforts, “Murder in the Studio” was scheduled to open on its anticipated show dates at the end of September and early October. For any further details or information on performance/streaming times and locations, stop by the Box Office outside of Samuel’s Theatre in Tompkins College Center.

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