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History of Black Friday

Kayla Bills

Life & Culture Editor

Black Friday, as we know it today, is the day that people fight over who gets the last size medium sweater, the last Barbie doll on the shelf, or even a parking spot near the entrance of the shopping complex. This wasn’t always the case, though. The very name Black Friday did not come into existence until the year 1869 when America’s gold market crashed. 

Wall Street workers attempted to buy a majority of America’s gold and then turn around and sell it again, charging a terribly hiked up price to unsuspecting buyers. However, this did not work out. The market ended up crashing on a Friday in September; hence the term Black Friday.

Retailers adopted the term for themselves because the days following Thanksgiving left their profits in the red and, in accounting terms, in the black. Due to this, retailers would mark down their inventory in the hopes that shoppers would be drawn in, and they have been.

Info from History.com

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