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Getting engaged on campus is important

Professor Jill Odegaard guiding a student (Kaitlynn Bumberger) with her paper making process.

Photo By: Kharla Sanchez Cuesta

Kharla Sanchez Cuesta


Getting engaged with your college is something that many find unnecessary and a waste of time but in reality, it isn’t. Going to school events and getting engaged has a number of great benefits for individuals as well as groups.

Many college students have the mentality that going to school is just for learning, and nothing else. Although the workload is greater and requires more time than high school, colleges are not designed for just learning. Most, if not all colleges offer clubs, activities, and a variety of different events to offer new experiences to their students, and many times they’re passed up. Students many times pass up these opportunities because they’re too focused on their academic life.

“Going to college activities is important because you get to know people,” Emily Rodriguez Sanchez, current Cedar Crest College student, said. “Usually the people you meet in college are going to be your long-term friends. Also, it is a good opportunity to get to know more about what your campus has to offer. Everybody can bring a different perspective to the table.”

The benefits of participating in activities and getting to know new people are things that most don’t think are important. Getting to know classmates and professors and staff are helpful for a number of reasons.

“During my first year at Cedar Crest I had to write campus reflections on activities I went to around campus for a class, and this was mandatory,” Leslie Montero, current Cedar Crest student, said. “I had gone to a couple of events and it was not until I went to lunch bingo that I realized that participating in events was actually something good. I met two girls who I became really good friends with, down the road we had a class together, and studying together is something I really benefited from.”

These times of living with and adjusting to Covid-19 might not seem like the best time to be encouraging campus engagement, but everyone just needs to take the necessary precautions and be careful. The benefits of meeting people, connecting, and making relations are somethings very valuable, and going to events and activities can be a great way to do that.

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