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For the Zodiac in your life

Caila Grigoletti

A&E Editor

Capricorn- Comfort is paramount to Capricorns. Fleece blankets, cozy bathrobes, or novelty slippers. And if you live with one, find some natural piece of art to add to the décor. Any wood pieces would be perfect for them. 

Aquarius- Trendy is where these people like to stay. In-fashion clothes and jewelry are a great option. Or, if you want to go the extra mile, buy them an unusual historical artifact. Sounds odd but they are into that stuff.

Pisces- Gemstones really speak to Pisces’ beautiful personality so pick something with meaning to them. Gifts should be tailored for Pisces whether it be essential oils or a water-based day out, like a lake-trip or beach day.

Aries- Gadgets always catch an Aries’ eye. If you can afford the newest tech, immediately wrap that for your Aries. Or if they want to start a hobby, get a how-to book with supplies and feed their interest.

Taurus- If your Taurus is a collector, take note of what is missing in their collections and gift it; vinyl records, geeky memorabilia, the works. They’ll appreciate that you know them so well.

Gemini- They love to be organized and record all the wonderful factoids that they learn. Try giving them stationary or something practical so they can keep in contact with you or organize their office space.

Cancer- Make something special for your Cancer this season; Photo album, jewelry. And if you want to give them something to help their love of cooking or cleaning, cookware is also a great option.

Leo- Be bold as you choose this gift. Clothes that make them feel sexy with bright colors. Fine food and drink also appeal to them, so splurge on Godiva chocolates and they’ll love you for a day.

Virgo- Don’t choose a random gift that holds no meaning for them. Grab a book from their favorite series, an appliance they don’t have in their house, something practical that proves you know them.

Libra- A pair of interesting knickknacks are an amazing gift for Libras. Remember, they like balance. And if you have a little extra cash, buy some tickets to their favorite band. They love their music. 

Scorpio- They love to dabble in the mysterious, so think about getting witchy crystals or tarot decks. Something interesting to match their personalities. Or lingerie if you are dating one is a good choice.

Sagittarius- Experience your gift with a Sagittarius. Go to Groupon and book a special tour of an interesting location they would like. Books are also a favorable gift idea, audio or hard copies, you can’t go wrong. 

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