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Exam study tips that will save your grades

Students are starting to prepare for Fall 2020 finals 

Photo by Saige Sterner 

Saige Sterner


Finals are right around the corner at Cedar Crest College, and some students are still trying to figure out how to properly prepare for finals success. 

There are so many ways to study and everyone learns differently, so each student must figure out what works best for them personally. Calley Taylor, Dean of Student Success, sums up the process of studying for big exams in a few steps.

“Make a plan and have it start early,” Taylor said. “Make sure that you build in breaks, tell the people you live with what you are preparing for so they can hold you accountable to your plan or they know to stay out of your way, and please sleep I know it is hard to take the time to sleep, but please please try.”

Some freshman students are very new to college level studying and may have a hard time adjusting. A few upperclassmen shared their biggest tips for first year students adjusting to college life.

“Set yourself up for the best result - keep up with the materials throughout the semester, make study guides and flashcards early, and stay disciplined with studying,” Gabrielle Sacks, junior biology major, states. “Be honest with yourself and stay confident with what you know.”

Another student expresses her biggest study tips in a slightly different way. 

"I would say to start by retesting yourself if possible,” Carolina Beverage, a sophomore nursing major, states. “That will tell you what you don’t remember at all and need to go over more. Then look at your notes, and if you still need more of an explanation read the textbook. Also, tackle the bigger concepts first-- the more important it was back then the more likely it is to be on the final.”

Many different factors affect the way you retain information for the test. Small things such as what you are wearing, if you ate, and even fidgeting with a necklace can affect the outcome of the exam. 

“When you are taking exams, you want to feel the way you felt when you were studying,” Taylor said. “That is one of the reasons we say not to study in your pajamas if you dress up more nicely for class.”

The day of the exam you should feel confident with the information that you learned and prepared to do your best.

“To prepare on the day of the exam I make sure I wake up early so I have enough time to make coffee and eat breakfast, look over my study guide one last time, and get to the exam room, now probably online meeting, early so that I’m not rushed,” Sacks stated.

If you are having a hard time making a study plan, Cedar Crest College has free professional and peer tutoring that students can use to their advantage throughout the entire semester. 

“Tutoring cost are totally included in your tuition,” Taylor said. “So, that is why everyone should do it because that is why they’re there.”

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