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Exam study tips

Kayla Bills

Life & Culture Editor

It’s that time of year again. Yes, you guessed it. Finals. It’s that time where classes seem to push mountains of papers, presentations, and quizzes on us students. We here at the Crestiad understand your struggle. So, here are some fun and simple ways to keep your finals week stress free. 

1. Color code your exam schedule.

Assign each of your classes a color! That way, you don’t study for the wrong exam and start your week on the best foot forward.

2. Reward yourself after a study session.

After you’re done hitting the books, keep yourself motivated by treating yourself to your favorite snack or even a movie.

3. Take notes.

The class before an exam is usually a review of what you need to know. Make sure you take notes and pave your way to that A.

4. Talk to your professors.

Afterall, they did make the exam and will be more than willing to help you. They’re here to help you succeed.

5. Form a study group.

Sometimes, the best people to help you are your classmates. Schedule times that work for all of you. Remember, teamwork makes the dream work.

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