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Easy communication during pandemic

Means of technology that can be used for communication.

Alexis Sames


In an age of technology, apps are available for just about any purpose and reason. Social distancing guidelines require easy-to-use means of communication. Facetime and Google Hangouts are among the most popular methods.

The popularity of the Apple iPhone adds to the frequent use of its accompanying apps. With Facetime as one of its notable features, many people appreciate the chance to speak to and view friends through the screen, without having to pay a fee.

Facetime is my favorite app for just about any call I would want to make,” Emma Schrayer, a sophomore student, said. “It is easy to use on my phone or computer and I know how to navigate it on both.”

Hangouts is great, because you can easily see the person you’re on call with,” Brianna Ridley, a sophomore student, said.

“Whenever a person’s talking, they’ll be the only one you see on your screen. Everyone else will appear in smaller frames at the bottom of the screen.”

Online classes bring an element to means of communication, with some people still preferring different methods for personal calls.

“I use Teams three times a week for one of my classes,” Ridley added. “But for calls with my family, I use Hangouts once a week when we have family calls with my brother.”

Whether people prefer Facetime or Google Hangouts is entirely up to preference, however, the ability of all people to use apps allows dialogue between family members during COVID-19.

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