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Dear Daisy 11/21/19

Dear Daisy,

Thanksgiving is coming up really fast. I’m ready to go home for the holidays but I’m struggling with the thought of having to deal with all of the awkward conversations that will happen over Thanksgiving dinner. How do you recommend that I deal with them?

Dear Reader,

I appreciate you reaching out. Holidays can be hard for some people especially us college students who don’t see our family for a long time. They feel the need to ask us all of the cliché questions that we really don’t want to answer. How is school going? Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? Are you excited for graduation? What are you going to do after graduation? All of these questions are things that no college student wants to answer when they just got home from college and are supposed to not be thinking about school.


The easy answer would be to make an announcement as soon as you walk in the door that you will be answering no questions about your life. But, that’s not realistic in even the slightest way. The more realistic way to deal with these questions is to just answer them. I know it’s awful and it’s most likely the last thing that you want to do. It will get the answers out there so that they stop asking you. Maybe, to ease the blow, you could tell your parents beforehand that you don’t want any awkward questions asked, then hopefully they could relay the message to other people in your family and maybe a lot of awkward questions can be avoided.

This doesn’t always happen if your parents aren’t really the type of people who you feel you can go to about these types of things. Or maybe you can but they won’t listen, and they will be the first to ask you these questions. Personally, I don’t think there is anything wrong with answering some questions about myself for my family members. I don’t see them that often so catching them up on my life is sort of a fun thing. It can be awkward and maybe a little agonizing but maybe it isn’t so bad. 

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