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COVID-19's Impact on On-Campus Workers

The board displaying the hours of the student financial service office

Photo by Mello Thomas

Mello Thomas


COVID-19 has had an impact on how staff and student workers at Cedar Crest College do their jobs on campus this semester, as well as the next semester and possibly beyond into the coming years.

Due to how widespread safety policy has changed and expanded at Cedar Crest College, workplaces and students have had to change how they normally operate both in their jobs and in their lives on campus to protect themselves and others in the college community.

The Student Financial Services office has taken the necessary steps towards the current Cedar Crest COVID guidelines, Stephanie Azar, of the Student Financial Services office, stated.

 Common sanitation methods such as using hand sanitizer, frequently cleaning common touch points and social distancing have been seen throughout campus. But some departments have implemented special additional methods to ensure safety in their offices.

“We have to wash our hands before the start of the shift, and quarantine books, whatever books we get, for four days before we put them back on the shelves,” Christina Ventrillo, a student worker in the Library, said.

 Some students have also had to take on extra responsibilities at their job and additional hours as well to keep campus flowing as normally as they can in the face of COVID.

“Since my boss can not be physically at work I have to take on two roles instead of one... I have more hours... I have weekend hours too,” Ventrillo said.

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