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COVID-19 prompts change for 2020 finals

Stack of textbooks and a laptop; the tools for finals preparation. 

Photo by Mello Thomas

Mello Thomas


Cedar Crest Students in attendance for the fall 2020 semester will have to adapt to new ways of testing and ending the semester because of COVID-19. 

Due to COVID-19 policy students will be finishing the semester online. This means that in-person testing will no longer be possible for the majority of students. This means that students will have to find ways of studying that help them focus no matter where they may be.

“I understand why they are online but I often find myself loosing track of time when I’m taking an assessment online,” Tayla Spencer, a Junior and Environmental Conservation major at Cedar Crest College, said. I took a couple online classes during the summer and it was quite an adjustment to take things online. For me processing things just takes longer.”

This campus-wide change in policy was prompted by the risk of contamination by students going home for Thanksgiving break. The students would be coming into contact with relatives who may be infected and then returning to campus. This could lead to an increase of cases and exposure on the Cedar Crest campus.

"I think if they’re online I'll have to trick myself into studying more,” Em Thomson, a senior New Media major at Cedar Crest, said. “In person I have bad text anxiety, online I'm scared I won't study enough or I'll get a big head.”

Challenges like this means that students have to come up with new methods of learning and retaining what they learn in class.

“I think because it’s so different for some classes,” Spencer also said. “I have to spend more time learning the material, re-watching the videos, and pushing myself to be more focused on studying.”

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