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COVID-19 changes dorm life for the Fall semester

Butz Hall at Cedar Crest College with social distancing signs in front of the entrance. Photo by Katherine Hood.

Katherine Hood


Dorm life has taken on a new appearance at Cedar Crest College during a global pandemic in the Fall semester of 2020.

Cedar Crest College students have been allowed back into the dorms but were given strict guidelines to follow such as: wearing a mask inside the halls at all times, no more than three people in a room at a time, and room capacity labels for communal areas.

“I loved that dorm life gave me that opportunity to reunite with my friends again and hang out in some sort of way,” Leannie Jusino, a junior at Cedar Crest College, double majoring in Business in Communications with a minor in Spanish and Certificates in Human Resources and Leadership stated. “What upsets me again is the fact that yes there are spaces outside on campus that we can all hang out and stuff but there are certain things that I want to do in the comfort of my own room.”

Staff members are doing their part during these uncertain times through strongly encouraging students to follow social distancing rules while remaining connected with friends and family.

“I think it has been the safest in every possible way and I think they have done a really good job in saying ‘no guests and don’t mix with other members of different pods’ and people are very well understanding of that,” Emily Klenk, a senior at Cedar Crest College, a math major said. “I feel that we are doing the best we can and honestly, there is not anything more that can be done.”

Students and staff must adapt to these regulations for everyone’s safety within the college.

“You can have your complaints but at the end of the day, it’s about what is best for the community,” Jusino remarked.

Masks are a big help during this pandemic to keep everyone safe and to protect themselves and others. To minimize spread, masks are required to be worn inside the dorm halls and communal areas at all times.

“Everyone should wear their masks, do their part because at the end of the day when they get that scare it shouldn’t be as bad because you were doing your part,” Annamaria Mollcia, a freshman at Cedar Crest College, a Forensics Science and Biology major stated.

“It is not as bad as people think it is,” Mollica said in regards to wearing a mask. “I have gotten used it and it isn’t as bad.”

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