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COVID-19 and at-risk group events

Jalyssa Ortiz


Cases of Covid-19 have occurred at many colleges with proximity to the Lehigh Valley, including Temple, Bloomsburg, and Penn State. These colleges have seen new cases due to large gatherings. One can only ask, how does Cedar Crest prevent students from going out and partying at a nearby school, house or anywhere public allowing these activities to occur?

Deborah Williams, a senior nursing student, asks, “Why are students still partying in large groups with no masks on whatsoever despite the institutes clear and concise warning not to and are yet not reprimanded?”

This is the question that has risen over the past several weeks as there was a rumor of students partying at nearby campuses.

“Any reports that allege a student has violated a policy will still be handled through the processes outlined in the Student Handbook,” Kyle Dailey, Dean of Students, shared some insight on the policies. “Partying is not necessarily a violation. Being underage and consuming alcohol would be a violation and would go through the process as outlined in the Student Handbook. Students have the same rights this year as they have in the past.”

Dailey also explained that, “the important part here is that we look at what we are doing and ask if we are putting ourselves in a position that keeps us and others we care about safe.“

Currently, there is no policy that addresses what students do in their off-campus activities. If an alleged violation is brought up, then students will have to go through the process outlined in the Student Handbook to determine whether or not they will be held accountable for their actions. And students, faculty and staff alike should share their safety concerns with Dailey so that they can be addressed by the college.

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