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Communications Department Renovates Lounge

The communications lounge currently.

Shaylin Troiano


A lot of departments at Cedar Crest have different lounges for their students to use for educational and recreational purposes. Some students use these lounges as quiet places to study, while others use them as a place to relax whenever they have free time. However, the communications department lounge hasn’t been used by its students for a while now and a lot of the communications majors didn’t know it existed. Maxine Erdman, Class of 2020, proposed the idea of renovating the lounge about one and a half years ago and now her idea is finally coming to life. Erdman and Nicole Roberts, also Class of 2020, have been working on the communications lounge’s new look since the fall semester. Before even working on the renovations, Erdman had to clear out all the past thesis papers and remove other furniture that made the room cramped. Since then, Erdman and Roberts have successfully painted the main walls and also prepared one of the walls to be a geometric accent wall. They have also purchased a television for the lounge and have been provided with a virtual reality setup. “We are also gearing up behind the scenes to launch a fun competition for the entire campus to submit student-made artwork and photography to be featured in our lounge,” Erdman said. In addition to the new television and the new paint job, the communications lounge will also be equipped with a large library of DVDs, a bookshelf filled with communications class textbooks, as well as a Netflix account. “The lounge is intended for two main purposes – providing students access to materials they might not have at home and being a space where our students can hang out and bring their friends to relax and study,” Erdman said. Unfortunately, due to the campus being closed because of the coronavirus, Erdman and Roberts will not be able to finish renovating the lounge by the end of this semester. Erdman hopes that the department allows a new student worker to finish what they started and to continue making the student lounge a space that embodies the communication department’s goals and messages.

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