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Cedar Crest College’s modifications due to Covid-19

Professor Gonzalo del Real teaching with modifications due to Covid-19, such as social distancing and wearing masks.

(Left to right) Nia Fratik, Aida Rivera Gonzalez, Araceli Gabriel, Professor Gonzalo del Real

Photo By: Kharla Sanchez Cuesta

Kharla Sanchez Cuesta


All across the United States many colleges/universities have decided to open back up and try to operate as normal as they can with the adjustments they have made due to COVID-19. Many have opted to do hybrid courses and Cedar Crest College is one of them.

As this new system of learning has emerged Cedar Crest staff have been sending out emails to keep all of their students and community members up to date on what things would be changing and how things were to be done from now on.

On Monday, June 29, 2020, Calley Taylor, an academic services staff member, sent out an email to all students with an overview of how things are going to be for the start of the 2020 Fall semester.

“The College is committed to providing a healthy and safe learning and living environment for our students,” Calley Taylor said in an email.

Over the past couple of months as we try to adjust to living with the pandemic, Cedar Crest has made various changes and modifications for the security and safety of its community.

“Cedar Crest has been modified by decreasing the amount of people we have in classes which limits our exposure and also for more class discussions,” Lillie Jones, current on-campus Cedar Crest student, said. “The college has given us the option to go to classes in person or online. They also limited the number of people allowed in any area, especially areas that we use for studying and meeting with friends.”

By reducing class sizes, making masks mandatory, and limiting the number of people allowed to be in an area at a time Cedar Crest is trying to make everything as safe and healthy as possible. In response to Covid-19 the college has made multiple changes. One change that has impacted many students is the new food service system.

“I think this new food system needs to be more organized along with being more flexible with custom orders,” Megan Peifer, current on-campus Cedar Crest student, said. “With the new system that has been put in place we are no longer allowed to customize our orders, which I’m honestly not a fan. I also believe that there should be an open place where we are allowed to eat.”

As this situation might be a bit tiresome the college is just trying to do its best for everyone. This is just an example of how things might not be ideal, but it is a necessary change for the college and its community’s safety.

We are all still learning and trying to get used to this new way of living, whether this be something temporary or long term.

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