Cedar Crest College's annual Trunk or Treat

Adrian Mast

Staff Writer

Yes, trunk or treat got rained out and moved into the science center but the kids, adults, and students had a great time. The reason for Cedar Crest College holding trunk or treat on campus is due to having a safe event for kids to trick or treat. 

Cedar Crest has held trunk or treat for several years and with an attendance of over thousands of kids and their parents dressed up. Each club on campus is asked to hold a trunk with a theme to it. 

The math club had a theme of Mine Craft. The criminal justice club had a theme of princess of the frog and so many clubs with other great themes as well. The Lutz Center advertises within the community asking the organizations if they want to have trunk there. This year the Allentown Public Library was giving away free books to the kids as well as candy. 

Tiger Cruse Martial Arts was also in attendance offering information on who they are and what they do followed by being able to sign up for classes right then and there. 

This year kids dressed up as their favorite character from Descendants 3, blown up dinosaurs, witches, piglets, lady bugs, scream and so many more cute costumes.

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