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Cedar Crest Christmas Crafts

Devyn Pugh

News Editor

There are various different holiday traditions known around the world. Many of these traditions include making things look aesthetically pleasing by being crafty. 

One tradition that I think is most well-known, is the full day or night that is spent on making cookies. There are a few cookie décor ideas. 

The first idea is that of a tree with lights on it. This can be done by creating a triangle shape with green icing and adding small dots of colored icing as the lights. 

Another idea is to just decorate your cookie with strings of icing lights. Simply take black icing to make the strings and colored icing to make the lights. 

Another idea has more to do with the actual flavor of the cookie rather than the décor of it. The third cookie is a hot cocoa cookie dipped in white chocolate with crushed candy cane pieces on the outside. Good, creative and simple. 

Something else to spruce up your dorm during the holidays is to decorate your door, inside or outside. You can make the door look as though it is wrapped up like a present, or you can even cut out colored paper and make snowmen on the door. 

All of these décor ideas are creative and fun. Getting into the holiday spirit can never be done too early.

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