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CCC Signs speaks about its Spring semester

Asher Atwood, CCC Signs President and club members signing the letter Y

Photo provided by CCC Signs

Mello Thomas


Club enrollment and activities have been put through the wringer during the Covid-19 pandemic. Limited in-person activities have caused clubs to shift to accommodate new demands in functioning.

Due to the pandemic clubs have needed to change their activity levels and their structure to maintain membership. This means some clubs have been shifting to Microsoft Teams or possibly moving to socially distanced activities for the spring semester or have come up with projects to keep people in campus involved.

“Life is crazy,” said Lea Feldman, a senior and Vice president of CCC Signs. “I’m hoping to expand a small video project. At the moment, I’m reaching out to staff, student and professors that teach the sciences, teaching them signs related to your major, and building a welcome to the science department videos. I hope that current members spread the idea of making the video to other disciplines.”

The shift to teams has had both benefits and drawbacks as it has made it easier to attend meetings when schedules are packed. CCC Signs now records meetings and distributes them via email to those who cannot routinely make meetings. They also ensure they go over past topics to educate people who are interested but are joining partway through the semester. 

“It’s not too late to sign up,” stated Asher Atwood, president of CCC Signs. “We meet and go over all we learned in the past meeting. We engage more and talk about the community, not just the language.”

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