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Best cozy drinks for Fall

Victoria Little

Opinions Editor

As the air grows colder outside the need for something warm and toasty to hold between your hands while walking between classes gets stronger. The need for a cozy sweater and a big fuzzy blanket is intense. The Crestiad Staff presents the best drinks to have by the radiators in your dorm:

Herbal Tea: You can find this just about anywhere. From local tea shops to Starbucks, these non-caffeinated fragrant mixtures make an excellent addition to a night spent huddled up watching Netflix and attempting to do homework. Specifically, peppermint and chamomile teas are highly recommended for the cold and flu season as well. Adding a few drops of honey continues to aid in healing sore throats and adding a touch of sweet to your tea. 

Hot Chocolate: A staple in the colder months, generally available in packets, but can also be made at home or in the dorm with a few super easy steps. If you have a cup of whole milk, a medium sized pot, and at least 70 percent dark (or milk) chocolate then this recipe will be super easy. Simply dump the whole milk into the pot and bring it to a simmer on the stove. Then add your chocolate of choice and stir until they’re evenly mixed. This will create a fantastically rich hot chocolate fantasy that will keep you going through finals this year. 

Hot Cider: Mostly found in September and October, particularly when apples are at the peak of their season. Find this drink everywhere in local stores from various brands. To make this cider special, purchase it cold at from a local market and heat it up at home. An easy 30 seconds and an additional stick of cinnamon makes this drink feel like the entire season of autumn in your favorite warm mug.

Eggnog: This drink is Christmas in a cup, one of the most popular winter season beverages of all time. Because of its more complicated recipe, eggnog isn’t the easiest to make in the dorm. Go out and purchase a carton for yourself and pour it into the fanciest Christmas mug possible. To really spice it up, add whipped cream, cinnamon sprinkles, and nutmeg on top for the perfect seasonal blend. 

Coffee Related: For the coffee lovers out there this one’s for you. The peppermint mocha is back at Starbucks and its ready to bring up that Holiday spirit. It consists of their awesome espresso roast combined with milk, mocha and peppermint flavoring. Thy top it with tiny chocolate curls and whipped cream. The smell just by itself is heavenly, and the first sip tastes like the perfect mix of candy canes and silver lanes of snow. 

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