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A new cultural club on campus: ASA

Minji Kim


If you are looking for a new student group and if you are interested in Asian Culture, come to Allen House 101 on Fridays at noon. The Asian Student Association (ASA) was organized in Cedar Crest College last fall semester. Senior Kathleen Mallari runs ASA as the president of this group.

Tatiana Diaz, director of Diversity & Inclusion, suggested Mallari establish ASA to strengthen the bond among Asian students and respect the diversity in Cedar Crest College. ASA consists of 22 student members currently, and six of them are not Asian.

“I didn’t feel the necessity to build a group for Asian students before, because most of the ASA members were my friends and I thought we already had a strong bond with each other,” Mallari said. “But after getting the suggestion from Tatiana, I thought it is a good idea to officialize our friend group and it will be able to be an opportunity to reach out to more students.”

Regular weekly meeting of ASA takes place every Friday at noon in Allen House 101. Anyone is welcome even if they are not Asian. ASA starts the meeting with ice breakers, sharing things like how their past week was. They usually plan for upcoming events or review past events. Each member chooses at least one Asian country and is appointed regional coordinator. Their responsibility is to research their selected region and share information issues to plan an event.

ASA’s last event was a Lunar New Year dinner with around 40 people participating. They made Chinese dumpling and Korean rice cake soup together and shared. Also last semester, fall 2019, they held a trunk or treat event on Halloween and Meditation Night that talked about the culture of Hindu tradition. The group’s upcoming events are going to be Holi in March, and International Banquet on March 19.

The critical agenda they have now is the election of the next executive board members because Mallari, the current president of ASA, will graduate this May. The executive board of ASA consists of president, vice president, interim vice president, secretary, treasurer and faculty advisor.

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