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A holiday debate: Should hot chocolate be made with milk or water?

Mackenzie Lewis


It’s a battle that not many people realize exists, yet when it manages to come up in conversations, it suddenly becomes the junior equivalent to the longstanding pineapple-on-pizza debacle. Though it luckily has not reached such magnitude yet, the issue still seems to be dividing people during the holiday season: should you make hot chocolate with milk or water?

The topic may seem like it has a clear answer, but it is rather surprising to discover how varied people’s opinions are on the debate. For those who prefer their hot chocolate made with milk, they explain that the combination makes the whole thing smoother and richer. In addition to this, you can use different kinds of milk to change up the flavor slightly.

“It just tastes better, full stop,” stated senior Emily Badman, giving a shrug.

Despite these advantages, there are just as many people who make their hot chocolate with water. Not only is it cheaper, but water also helps to show off the true flavors of whatever mix you use.

“Water,” junior Ashlyn Auriemma declared. “Tastes better. Then you can add a little bit of milk or cream or whatever if you really wanted for extra flavor.”

Of course though, there is always the middle ground. Many people when asked expressed that they had it one way when they drank hot chocolate as a kid but tried it the other way and were now indifferent. Some other people, like Auriemma suggested, prefer to make theirs with water and then mix in milk or cream afterwards.

“Milk, because it makes the hot chocolate creamier,” mused senior Delilah Schweitzer, when asked her preference, “but water, because I’m lazy and a college student and I have easier access to water.”

At the end of the day though, hot chocolate is hot chocolate--it matters less how you make it and more who you enjoy it with, even if it is simply by yourself.

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