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2020 holidays spent socially distanced

Social distancing diagram, with arrows pointing away to signify the need for people to keep their distance.

Alexis Sames


The concept of returning home for the holidays has become an issue for some college students who live on campus. The risk of exposure to COVID-19 is a principal threat to family members.

Fortunately for students, colleges are closing early and finishing the fall 2020 semester online, allowing classes and finals to be taken from home. One student, in particular, feels pretty good about returning home.

“If COVID wasn’t a factor, I would typically go to my grandma and grandpa’s house for the holidays,” Deva Leach, a Cedar Crest College Resident Advisor and junior, said. “My new plans for the holidays this year are probably going to stay the same (going to grandma and grandpa’s house).”

With all of the pandemic’s challenges regarding the holiday season, there are safe ways to adhere to certain national guidelines. Social distancing is definitely a first step in keeping everyone healthy.

“I’m not getting together with my family as a large group,” Leach said. “We are getting together in smaller groups, mainly to stay safe.”

Another student is spending Thanksgiving with a few family members, however, they are staying positive and hopeful for December.

“My immediate family has decided to stay home and spend Thanksgiving virtually,” Shae Wright, a sophomore student, said. “Although I’m going to miss the rest of my family, I understand the potential dangers of returning home from campus and hopefully will be able to spend Christmas with everyone again. I’m honestly looking forward to it.”

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, or the CDC, there are ways to enjoy the holiday season while staying safe. Indoor gatherings are safest when there is good ventilation, such as an open window, and shorter times for gatherings pose less of a threat. Preventative behaviors, such as wearing a mask and social distancing, help people stay safe and healthy.

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