Snapchat: A first look at the new update

Just recently the owners of Snapchat have decided on updating their app. There are new looks, features, and the works: from having to swipe different ways to accessing stories, and to organizing the people you contact most.

When you look at the app updates no one really looks at what needs to be updating,  they just click update. When Snapchat was done updating people might have thought big fixes or new pic frames. But that was not the case for this update.

The update was mean to make the app easier to navigate. However, this is sadly not the response people had.

When you open the app, it looks completely the same as the previous update. The display camera is still there as are the frames. But when you swipe left to see your friends’ stories, you don’t. Instead, you now have to swipe right to see their stories.

Also, instead of having to scroll through all the Snapchat stories on the old update, the new update only shows the updates of the people that you Snapchat the most to the least. When swiping right instead of seeing your friend’s stories you just see recommended stories with the stories that you subscribed to at the top and recommended stories at the bottom.

I think it was easier navigate before the whole update happened because now when you swipe left and try to click the story that you want to see you can’t click the name of the person, you must click the story pictures. We were used to swiping left just to chat with people and then swiping right to see their stories. It just makes things more difficult.

With the new update there has been a lot of back lash from the users of Snapchat. Thousands of Snapchat users across the county have signed petitions in order to get the old Snap Chat back. But the owner of Snapchat is not backing down to change the app back to its previous update.

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