Butz food pantry is back on campus

The food pantry is back with a new location in the lower level of Butz Hall. The Cedar Crest College’s food pantry helps eliminate food insecurity on campus. The Student Food Pantry is designed to meet the immediate food needs of the campus community by providing a variety of non-perishable food items and basic necessities to students who may be experiencing food insecurity. The pantry is open to all students both, SAGE and traditional students. 

“It is harder to concentrate on your academic work when you are hungry. We believe that students who are food insecure need assistance so they can focus on what matters, completing their education, “said MaryAlice Ozechoski, Vice President of Student Affairs & Traditional Enrollment.  

Food insecurity on college campuses is a national issue. A significant number of college students today struggle with getting enough food to survive, even at elite flagship universities, according to the New York Times. Due of this, many colleges have started food pantries to help those students who struggle to afford food. Today, over 300 colleges across the country have started food pantries to address this problem. Cedar Crest is one of these colleges, who has decided to take action to eliminate food hardship on campus through its food pantry. Cedar Crest strives to meet the needs of its students and desires to help students in any possible way.  

Across the country, most campus food pantries are funded through donations, but some receive stipends from a school group. At Cedar Crest, the food pantry operates solely on donations or gifts. CCC’s faculty and staff donate during two annual food drives and the college also provides some funding to stock The Resource Pantry. The college also receive gifts from its Board of Trustees, which assists in stocking The Resource Pantry. The college has a strategic initiative in the Strategic Plan called “Closing the Gap” which looks at all of the ways it can support students. 

To aid Cedar Crest on its fight against food insecurity on campus, faculty, staff, students and the community can contribute to the annual food drive, donate the non-perishable food there are not taking home at the end of the semester by dropping it off at the office of Student Affairs. 

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