Evan Summers exhibits in Harmon Hall of Peace

Newly featured in Harmon Hall of Peace is the artwork of Evan Summer. His work displayed here on Cedar Crest consists of mostly prints, but also a couple painted canvases. His inspiration for these pieces were nightmares he had as a child, and how he pictures them in his mind now.

Evan Summer is an artist with an accomplished background including getting his MFA from Yale University, and having work displayed in over 300 exhibitions. Summer even has work in museums including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, National Gallery of Art, the Brooklyn Museum and the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

On February 9th from 5:15-7:15pm there was a reception and an artist talkback taking place at the gallery. This gave the artist an opportunity to answer questions or give background on pieces displayed.

“I like that his work was consistent throughout,” explained junior art major, Maeve McGrath, after looking at the pieces. “It was very interesting to me that he based his work off his childhood nightmares, and that he explored different forms of expressing that.”

Another student Haley Smith who is also a junior art major said that “his prints seem to rely on techniques in printmaking rather than the influence behind the work. After, hearing his inspiration for the pieces it definitely gave me a new appreciation for the concept and dynamic line work.”

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