Watching the Watchmen: Justice League

“Justice League” is out in theaters and to say it has mixed reviews would be putting it mildly. The main problem with a lot of the professional reviewers though is that they keep comparing it to the Marvel films.

“Justice League” isn’t Marvel. It’s DC. Their movies are of a different flavor. Just look at “The Dark Knight” trilogy” Even the 90s Batman movies that no one likes to talk about! Neither of them were remotely similar to Marvel in terms of tone, they were darker and even a bit horrifying at times. I don’t know about you guys but I definitely jumped in my seat when Danny Devito as the Penguin bit someone’s nose off. Yeah, I don’t see Hulk doing that to anyone in the movies.

I will be honest though. I prefer Marvel movies, in they’re far lighter in tone and have plenty of quips and one liners to make me laugh throughout the movie. Plus, Robert Downey Jr!

I don’t hate the DC movies though, but they’re definitely unique in their own way. I did like “Suicide Squad” even though I’m not a fan of that version of the Joker. I unfortunately wasn’t a fan of Batman vs. Superman, even after seeing it twice. I did love Wonder Woman! As for Justice League, I did like it! It still had some issues, but was way more enjoyable to me than “Batman vs. Superman” and “Man of Steel.”

This film has the best adaption of Aquaman I’ve ever seen, and I used to think he was pretty lame in terms of costume and abilities, oops. Momoa brings a roughness and charm to the character which Aquaman desperately needed to stay afloat in Hollywood. Ezra Miller’s version of the Flash was very enjoyable as well, he’s the ‘kid’ in the team of super-powered beings. Cyborg was incredible as well, but I felt like he needed another scene or two for some more development or showing what his life was like before the accident. Diana Prince was as fearless and fierce as always, but I wished she was the leader over Batman. Batman is Batman, not much to talk about there. I felt bad for Wayne in the movie, he’s the only non-powered hero in the movie, but he had a great relationship with Flash.

Overall, it’s a good superhero movie, but not extremely comedic if you’re looking for a Marvel movie. The next DC movie in the lineup is Aquaman, I have high hopes for it since “Justice League” was better than expected!

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