Students have fun with SAB and glow golf

Students Nicole Roberts and Cassidy McGee play glow golf with SAB. Photo|Maxine Erdman

The Student Activities Board (SAB) sets up fun games, crafts, and live music around campus. One of the activities that the SAB put on was glow golf on November 16, 2017. SAB had chose glow golf because it was fun and something different. 

SAB thought that this was perfect event to students to have fun at because it was held in the evening and outside. But with the inclement weather the glow golf had to be held in the Harmon Hall of Peace. Though the location was changed, it didn’t stop students from having a lot fun.  

“I did have fun playing, but that was more because of my friends than the event,” said Cassidy McGee, sophomore nursing major.  

“I had fun while playing, but would have liked to see different, more complex courses. I might go if SAB had it again, provided there are different courses,” said Nicole Roberts, sophomore double major in business administration and art 

The way that they got the glow golf and much of their other activities is through a lengthy process. The process starts with finding an event that everyone on campus would love to participate in and have fun doing. SAB then have to check the pricing of several places that would offer glow golf.  

Once that part is done, they choose which activity works best for the schedule and budget, and then they finalized all of the paperwork. Once the paperwork is all done, SAB begins to publicize the activity/event for the students, staff, and faculty on campus.  

SAB tries to find a wide variety of events, so all students can enjoy many activities throughout the semester/year. The live performers such as comedians, illusionists, musicians, etc. are also chosen through the same process as the activities. The Student Activities Board often find their activities from student suggestions that are brought up at SAB meetings, emailed to the SAB account, and or sent to them through email from non-campus promoters.  

The Student Activities Board is always willing to take suggestions and new ideas to make activities on campus interesting and desirable. So, don’t be afraid to make any suggestions to SAB that you think that the students on campus might like to do or hear. You can contact them at to submit your ideas.  


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