mal’s monthly mix vol 1

Mal’s Monthly Mix Vol. 3


“Wolves”- Selena Gomez and Marshmello 

This dance pop song is a new song that is perfect for everyone who loves a good catchy beat. The chorus of this song is great for everyone who loves to have fun and jump around. I can see you all learning the words and scream singing it with your friends. 

“I Miss You”-Clean Bandit feat. Julia Michaels 

This song is great for those who love a good relatable song. Everyone can relate to this message. Though it has a personal message to it, it still has that good beat that will make you want to get up and move.  


“Female”- Keith Urban 

This song is all sorts of perfection. I may be biased, but I’m obsessed with it. Keith challenges all of the societal norms that females deal with on a daily basis and put it into a beautifully written song. I highly suggest taking a listen. 

“Greatest Love Story”- LANCO 

This alternative country song is perfect for everyone who loves a catchy song to listen to when driving around with the windows down. This song may have some fun lyrics and a great beat, but it’s just a great song to play to fill your space with good music. 


“Walk On Water”- Eminem feat. Beyonce 

Though this song sounds like a stereotypical Eminem song (and it sort of is), it still has a beautiful message, with everyone’s favorite human, Beyonce. This rap song has a spoken word feel to it but with added soul to it. I highly suggest taking a listen to it. 

“Say A’”- A Boogie wit da Hoodie 

Though I wouldn’t say it’s the best song out there, it certainly is good for all of those out there who love mainstream rap. This is one of those songs that everyone blares and jams to with all of their friends.  


“6/10”- dodie 

This song is for everyone out there who has never felt like they are enough. Though this is a deep subject, and is relatable to everyone, this song reminds its listeners that everyone has felt this way at some point in their life. 

“Open Season”- High Highs 

This is a song that is great for people who like music to listen to while they read on a calm, rainy Sunday. It’s a song that isn’t distracting and fills the silence, but also makes you feel comfortable at the same time. 


“The Way I Do”- Bishop Briggs 

This catchy pop jam is perfect for those love a good shower song. This song is perfect to get those acoustics. Try it out. 

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